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Recent and pending funerals

Paula Sue Tallon
11/28/56 - 12/13/2017

Pamela Jean (Evans) Miller
9/9/59 - 12/16/2017

Bertha Pauline (Wright) (Smith) Barker
9/3/26 - 12/22/2017

Bobby Wayne "Dusty" Boren
11/8/57 - 12/22/2017

Russell Wayne Garrett
5/28/66 - 12/25/2017

Patrick Michael Copeland
11/30/85 - 1/2/2018

Alvin Eugene Sullivan
8/30/61 - 1/5/2018

Jimmy Franklin Williams
10/17/31 - 1/9/2018

Bobby Ray Wheeler
8/7/1937 - 1/14/2018

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are written in the past tense so check dates carefully.)

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At Dudley Funeral Homes we understand that when a family member passes from this life,  there are many things to consider. In order to assist you, we are preparing the following articles - What goes in an obituary? What should I bring to the arrangement conference? What can I expect when I meet with the funeral director? and Why should I prearrange my funeral? You will be able to download these documents and print them, or, in the case of the obituary, you will be able to complete our obituary form online and it will be emailed directly to us.

To ask questions of our Funeral Director, you may email America.

If you would like to talk to a representative about prearrangement options please email Patrick, who will contact you to set up an appointment at your convenience.

For information regarding our archives of past funerals in this area, please email America.

For obituaries from 2001 - the present, please visit our obituaries page.

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